Friday, August 24, 2012

Week One Under Our Belt

Well, it has been a wild ride this week, but all in all it has been a hugely successful one. The first week of school is often times a rough one for both students and teachers. Readjusting our minds and bodies to the rigorous school schedule can sometimes be very challenging and tiring. But we made it through week one with very few problems. Oh, there were those times of frustration when technology didn't work the way we wanted or expected, but on a whole, things went really well. I don't know about my students, but I know I am ready for a relaxing weekend.

Looking to the future of my classes, I see great days ahead...

 My 8th graders are discovering that I mean business and am not kidding when I say we have a lot of "stuff" to squeeze into a 12 week course. We don't have time to dawdle, and we have to keep things moving if we hope to get everything covered before the trimester ends.

My 7th graders are quickly remembering the things I expect from them. (Most 7th graders had class with me last year so know what they need to do to survive.) What they ARE having to learn, however, is what it is like having a few 6th grade students mixed into the class. These 6th graders didn't have me last year so don't know all the "ins" and "outs" of my classes. As a result, my 7th graders are having to learn patience while I bring the 6th grades up to speed.

My 6th grade students are catching on quickly. I really appreciate the way they listen and strive to keep up. They are at a definite disadvantage because they have not had the experience of being in my classes yet, whereas some of their classmates (7th graders) have. However, they have figured out that they can rely on the other students in the class to help answer questions when I'm not able to get to them right away. They'll be fine and will soon be right up there with the 7th graders. One negative I do see occurring with them, however, is their lack of keyboarding training. This lack of skill is really going to slow them down if they don't find a way to increase their skills. A suggestion I have for them is to find some sort of keyboarding game on the Internet so that they can practice. Practice! Practice! I would like to enlist the help of parents in this area. If students don't learn the proper technique for keyboarding, they will suffer in the long run.

I am truly looking forward to the upcoming weeks. We are going to continue to work hard and refine our 21st Century technology skills.

Now....go enjoy the weekend!

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