Friday, October 5, 2012

Mid-Term Already?

I cannot believe we are already midway through the first trimester of this school year. Things are going really well and the days seem to fly by. It is encouraging to see my students coming to class excited to learn new things.

Each day this past week has been a crazy and chaotic one. It was "Homecoming Week" and each day was assigned a special theme. A great number of students and staff participated, and I enjoyed seeing the creative ways they carried out each theme.  

This week my 8th grade students began working on their first big project - Dream Vacation - and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them embrace the project full force. It is a collaboration project that requires them to break down a daunting assignment into small, manageable pieces. They were a little unsure of themselves at first, but once they found their groove, they soared! It was awesome to listen to their conversations and to see them work together. An added benefit of the project was seeing them make the connection between their "dream vacation" and an actual vacation. Once they started figuring the cost of food, gas, and lodging, I heard more than one student say, "Wow! This is really expensive! I feel sorry for my parents!"  They have worked really hard this week, and I can't wait to see their presentations on Monday!

Since I teach a second class - of 6th & 7th graders - I'd better be an equal opportunity blogger. These classes are looking at the more advanced features of PowerPoint. It was quite a challenge teaching classes with such a wide variety of skills knowledge, but we managed to get through it without drawing blood or tears (from me). Having such diversity in one class makes finding a good balance difficult. But I have awesome students who are quick to help those who struggle to keep up. It makes my job so much easier when a student says, "I can help him do that!" If everyone in the world shared that quality, we would have a much more fruitful society.

So, as I look back and reflect on this week, I find a lot to smile about. No wonder the weeks are flying by...time flies when you're having fun.

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